Terms and Conditions

Version: 1.0.3

ARTICLE 1 - DEFINITIONS In the general terms and conditions, the following definitions apply: "General Terms and Conditions": these general terms and conditions, which apply to the services provided by MOBLY (hereafter "Services") to the customers (hereafter "Clients") which are made via the website www.mobly.be (hereinafter "the Website"). ") Have placed an order for a purchase inspection in which a reputed expert appointed by MOBLY checks a second-hand car and provides advice on the technical condition of the car and the price of the car (according to the specifications stated on the Website) (hereafter" Purchase inspection ") . "MOBLY": Mobly NV, with registered office at 2000 Antwerp, Hessenstraat 10, with KBO number 0682.541.092. ARTICLE 2 - LIABILITY 1. Clients acknowledge that advice given in the context of the Purchase Approval and the Services delivered to Customers are only guiding and do not imply any obligation of result that the cars involved are free of any defects or that in practice when using the no deviations will exist with regard to the information provided, whereby any defects therefore remain the exclusive responsibility of the sellers of the car. 2. Without prejudice to the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, the liability of MOBLY in each is limited to material, direct damage suffered by a User who is in causal connection with a serious error by MOBLY (to the exclusion of other indirect, commercial, moral or other damage). ARTICLE 3 - COMPLAINTS AND DISPUTES Complaints relating to the Services and the Purchase Inspection must be reported to MOBLY within 8 days following the Customer's discovery of the elements on which the complaint is based, either by sending an email to MOBLY or by sending a registered letter to the registered office of MOBLY. ARTICLE 4 - PRIVACY Customers accept that their personal data and the information provided by Customers or that are collected passively are registered and processed by MOBLY, processing that can be outsourced to third parties on behalf of and for the account of MOBLY, whereby these third parties are subject to the same rights and obligations. imposed as described in these Terms and Conditions. The registered and processed data (hereafter "the Data") concern, among other things: the IP address, the sessions on the Website, the language selection, the pages consulted on the Website and other data made available by MOBLY by the relevant Customers. , the identity and other personal data, all information provided during the registration and subsequent transactions, data relating to the bank account and data relating to the use of the Website. The Data are processed for the following purposes: (1) to provide all Customers with easy access to and use of all the functionalities of the Website, (2) the management of the relationship with the User and the management of and the Services, (3) for the purpose of market research and the preparation of statistics, (4) for direct marketing for Services or for other services offered by MOBLY or third parties with which MOBLY has a contractual or other relationship and more in general (5) to MOBLY. to communicate with the Customers and to keep them informed of any other operation initiated by MOBLY or by third parties with which MOBLY has entered into a contractual or other relationship. Unless the disclosure of the Data to third parties is necessary to achieve the aforementioned objectives, MOBLY is not authorized to disclose, sell, rent or exchange the Data with third parties without the express prior consent of the person concerned. Customers have the right at all times to oppose the processing of the Data for direct marketing or the sending of commercial messages or advertising by post without any costs and simple request (by sending an email). -mail or telephone and have the right to access the Data concerning them in order to request rectification for any incorrect or incomplete Data. ARTICLE 5 - GENERAL Belgian law is applicable to the Agreement and the courts of the judicial district of Brussels are exclusively competent, unless a legal provision would exclude the jurisdiction of this court, in which case the jurisdiction is determined on the basis of the common law provisions.